We really feel that the best thing that we can do to accomplish our mission is to encourage people to join a Cobblestone Community Group, so if you have time to only do one thing with us as a church that is the best place to go. If you would like to get involved with some other activities that we do below are several options.


Periodical Events:

  • Conversations for the Common Good (Summer): In a world that is so often divided by political lines,  personal interests, and religious beliefs we often lose sight of the common good that we could pursue together. “Common Good” is anything that increases the well-being for all people without harming others. Join us for a series of discussions about various topics that promote the common good. Summer 2015 Schedule here. Also on the Calendar page
  • CROP Walk (May): Each May we partner with Church World Service and Schenectady Inner City Mission on a CROP Walk to end hunger at home and abroad. 25% of collected funds stay local, and the rest help to fight hunger worldwide. Programs such as implementing irrigation, providing renewable herds for milk, fiber and meat and educating families on nutrition are supported by your donation. 
  • Toy/Blanket/Clothing Drives: Throughout the year we do different collection drives in partnership with other organizations.


Ongoing Events:

  • Q&A Session: Every Sunday after the service with John, bring questions you have regarding the service, sermon, or Christianity in general.
  • Coffee Hour: Also every Sunday after the service head to the fellowship hall for some coffee and snacks.
  • Women’s Bible Study: The 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 1:30pm in the Hearth Room; contact Jan Janiga for details.
  • Back Door Store: Our thrift store opens during the summer on Fridays 10am-2pm; contact Barb McGarry for details.