Fall Sermon Series

“Our identity is the sum of the stories we tell about ourselves. Our worldview is the sum of the stories we tell about others.” (Tony Schwartz)

We all know the tragedy when a person lets one or two events define their lives. When the divorce, the broken friendships, or the lackluster marriage tells us that we are failures at relationships. When the loss of job or lack of job tells us that we have no talents to offer to the world. When the addiction or the abuse pushes us back down into a small box where there is no light. But what if we are telling the wrong story about ourselves and the wrong story about the world.

Join us this fall as we look at the story of God as revealed in Scripture. Join us as we look at the true story of the whole world (as MIchael Goheen and others put it). Starting Sunday September 13th through Christmas we will go through the Old Testament as it points to the incarnation of God in Jesus, which we celebrate on Christmas day. We will then continue through Mark’s Gospel following Jesus from birth to the cross and his resurrection on Easter morning.

Recent blog post

September 25, 2015
by John Compton

Sharing the Goodness with Others

It’s been years since I was working part-time at Target during college, but I still remember an odd compliment I received from a co-worker. At the time I was studying engineering physics, and he told me that if engineering didn’t work out I could probably make it as a used-car salesman. I remember being confused as to why he saw me as a salesmen because I wasn’t working in electronics or other parts of the stores trying to make sales; my main job was straightening all the boxes of cereal in the grocery section. Today I realize that, in a way, I am a salesman. If I like a product, a book, a movie, a television show, I become convinced that everyone’s life will be better if they do what I’m already enjoying. Despite this, there is still one area of my life that I am a little uncomfortable talking about with others, and that is my faith. ... (read more)

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