Join us this summer for the "Conversations for the common Good"

In a world that is so often divided by political lines, personal interest, and religious beliefs we often lose sight of the common good that we could pursue together. "Common Good" is anything that increases the well-being for all people without harming others. Join us for a series of discussions about various topics that promote the common good. The "Conversations" will take place on June 17, 24, July 15, 29, Aug 19, 26 at the Bier Abbey from 6-8pm.

August 26 - "Art for a Brighter World"

Art is part of our humanity and it is a powerful link that can help us bring a little more humanity to a struggling world. Whether you are the recipient of performing or visual arts, and it strikes a note in your emotional being, or you are an artisan who is benefiting from fair trade prices to improve your life, art connects us all.

Michelle McIlroy will lead a discussion about art, its importance in our humanity, and the real possibilities art has for bringing light to this world.  What is your art?  How can you use it to bring a little more beauty and humanity to the place that we call home?

(Full list of Conversations here).

Recent blog post

August 01, 2015
by John Compton

First Step to Change

Later this month will mark the two year anniversary of me and my family arriving at Cobblestone. After we made the decision to move across the country, the next questions were “What do we do now? What do we actually need to do to move all that we own across the country?” We knew where we were going, but we just didn’t know how we, along with all of our stuff, were going to get there. This feeling of confusion can happen to all of us when we begin a journey of growth. Whether you’re somebody who is just wanting to be less angry, or if you are a Christian and you see certain commands that you would like to follow, deciding where you want to go is not as hard as figuring out how to get there. So how do we get there? The best way to get where we want to is just like accomplishing any major goal, one small step at a time. But what is that first crucial step? ... (read more)

2015 CROP Walk

monthly ministry partner

Our ministry partner of the month is SICM Food Pantry: They exist, with and for the churches, to address current issues such as food insecurity, affordable housing initiatives, health and fitness, various economic development initiatives, and collaborations. 


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