June 10, 2016

Taking a Deep Breath of the Gospel

Starlee Kine grew up in Los Angeles, and like most kids in L.A. she had a stage of her life when she was obsessed with Disneyland. The difference between Starlee Kine and other kids was that her mother’s paranoia kept her and her sister from visiting Disneyland because she was convinced that Starlee and her sister would get hurt on one of the rides. Eventually after many months and years of protest the mother caved in. Well, sort of. She took the whole family on a vacation to the Disneyland Hotel that was 15 minutes away from their house and directly across the street from the famous theme park with Space Mountain in the background. They did this twice a year for three years, always staying for two weeks during each visit. Never did they cross over to the theme park.

This is how many of us have experienced Christ. We’ve kept our distant from God, maybe coming near through regular Sunday attendance, or the occasional prayer, but always making sure that we can easily escape in case of an emergency. Some maybe have left church because you feel like you’ve “been there, done that” and there wasn’t much to it. But I wonder if you were just at the hotel across the street and not in the park. What does it look like to actually go to the park and not just stay across the street? Well, it’s a lot like breathing; the Church, and individuals within the Church, are gathered by God(inhale) and sent by God(exhale).(read more)

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