Cobblestone 101


This class is geared to give a simple, yet comprehensive overview of Christianity and the core values of Cobblestone Church. We go over the overarching narrative of Scripture to discover our place in The Story of the world. From here we discuss how we live out our unique calling at this place and at this time. This class is great for those interested in learning more about Christianity in general and Cobblestone in particular. This is also the class that one takes to start to become a member of this church. Interested in this class? Email


Sunday School for Kids

We offer Sunday School for children from K-6 following the worship service from 11:20 to 12:15. In Sunday School the children will have a time of singing and a time of study. This fall they will be focusing on stories from the Old Testament. Sunday School will meet for three weeks and then take a week off and then the cycle will repeat. (Off for the summer).


Other Opportunities For Adult education/Discipleship

Discipleship Book Groups

We are trying an education and discipleship process that allows for much more flexibility for the participants. This is still in its beta form, but will be rolled out soon.

Why: To equip the people of God for the work of ministry which should encourage the people of the church, lead to a unity among those in the faith, and increasing the knowledge of God everywhere.

How: In small relational groups examining material and topics that focus on the core values of Cobblestone. (Gospel-centrality, discipleship, worship, community, and mission).

What: Gather a group of 3-5 people and select a book or collection of materials from the provided options to study together. Each book or collection of materials will come with worksheets to enhance your interaction with the material. Each book/collection will be broken down into chapters/sections. As individuals you will read/watch one section and answer the questions in the corresponding section of the worksheet. Then you all meet together as a group to discuss each chapter/section.

An Example: 4 people decide to study Life Together by Deitrich Bonhoeffer. Each person acquires a copy of the book. The group decides to meet in two weeks in someone’s home to discuss chapter 1. Everyone reads chapter 1 and answers the questions in the worksheet associated with chapter 1. Then they decide when to meet to discuss chapter 2, and continue the cycle until you are done.

Advice as You Engage in This Work: There is probably no book or material that everyone agrees with all the material. As you read through the material focus on what is meaningful and challenging to you. In your group discussions don’t spend too much time discussing what you disagree about, but spend time discussing how God is using this book to challenge, change, and grow you as a person. Also in your discussions give space for everyone to talk. Perhaps use the Mutual Invitation (described below) for the long answer questions. Feel free to ask follow up questions to others after they have responded.

Mutual Invitation

  1. Determine time for each person to answer question. (Optional: may be helpful if people are giving long-winded answers)

  2. Make sure one person has a time-keeping device. This person is responsible for keeping track of the time.

  3. The time keeper will read the first question and then will invite some to share by saying, “I invite Susie Q. to share.”

  4. Susie Q has three options. A. she can say, “pass for now,” which gives her more time to think B. she can say, “pass” because she does not want to share. C. she can answer the question.

  5. After she has made her decision she invites another person, and that person has the same three options.

  6. This continues until everyone has answered or has passed.